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16 Feb 2022
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    As the oil & gas sector continues its strategic pivot to a clean energy future, we focus on the technologies that are helping to accelerate this decarbonisation journey. We explore how artificial inte ...

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  • Schneider Electric introduces advanced capabilities for Major Event Mitigation, Grid Flexibility and Active Network Management, and advanced Operational efficiency. 
  • SELTA presents for the first time the innovative control and automation system STCE-SG (Selta TeleControl Equipment Smart Generation).
  • Hera’s smart gas meter is prepared for first experimentation in the network with hydrogen and its construction in recycled plastic confirms the commitment to the energy transition and circularity
  • Decarbonising the energy systems of European geographical islands with increased penetration of renewable energy into the islands’ grids and decreased greenhouse gas emissions from diesel generation.
  • Gotlands Elnät is expanding its digitization of the electric grid and continues the installation of Exeri Smart Grid Surveillance. The system provides continuous digital monitoring of grid.
  • Wildfires have become an increasingly regular occurrence across the world, from Greece and Turkey to Australia and California. There are various causes of these fires, from stray cigarettes and unexti ...
  • Oldenburg, 1 June 2021 – The flexible all-in-one solution FuturePowerFlow from energy & meteo systems is establishing itself with more and more network operators: By means of the municipal utility coo ...
  • As intermittent renewables are being scaled up within the electricity system and with e-mobility solutions turbocharging across the country, 67GW of generation facilities and 12m charging points will ...
  • When it comes to the energy transition, collectively, we’re in a pivotal moment and utilities can feel it. The ultimate objective of the energy transition is clear, the decarbonisation of the global e ...
  • SMARTLAB is a smartgrid integration facility acting as a testing hub for technology demonstration & validation. 
  • Compact, rugged, secure wireless routers for demanding utility, infrastructure, and transportation applications.
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