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Connect with the right business partners in the Renewable energy space

Enlit Europe is the must-attend end-to-end industry event where energy experts gather to discuss how we can accelerate, scale and increase collaboration around renewables to power the future of energy in Europe.

Why should your company join Enlit Europe?

  • Enlit Europe addresses all forms of clean generation, including wind, solar, hydro, hydrogen and a particular spotlight on energy storage.
  • With a $300 billion proposed investment in global hydrogen projects, and governments recognising the potential benefits whilst developing policies to help drive adoption, momentum around Hydrogen initiatives is increasing. 
  • If we want to rely overwhelmingly on renewable energy and secure a carbon-free electric grid, powering the energy transition with better storage is a must. This will be a focus topic during Enlit Europe on the Energy Storage Zone, organised in collaboration with the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE).

Download: Attendee List on Renewables

Energy Storage Zone Enlit Europe 2023


“Europe’s energy security will only be achieved through energy shifting.”
Patrick Clerens, Secretary General, European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE)

Patrick Clerens, Secretary General, EASE, Enlit Europe 2023 Partner


"We need to keep going hell-for-leather on renewables."
Greg Jackson, founder and CEO, Octopus Energy, exhibitor at Enlit Europe 2023

Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy, Enlit Europe 2023 Exhibitor

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You will meet

Enlit Europe hosts representatives from utilities, network operators, vendors, consultants, start-ups and system integrators covering the entire smart energy value chain, including:

  • Deputy Director Hydrogen Projects Development
  • Director Energy Technologies
  • Director of Energy & Water 
  • Energy Engineer
  • Engineering & Technology Director
  • EVP Hydrogen Division
  • Head of Global Hydro, Geothermal & Thermal Generation
  • Principal Engineer Renewables
  • Project Developer - Large Scale BESS
  • Renewable Energy PM 
  • Researcher Microgrids & Energy Storage
  • Solar DG Business Development
  • and more - download the full list:

Download: Attendee List on Renewables

You will hear about

Enlit Europe’s programme features sessions covering: 

  • Community Energy Schemes
  • Competitiveness Sustainability / Circularity
  • Decarbonising Industrial Activities
  • Energy Storage - policy and regulatory framework, technology, projects
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Greening Data Centers
  • Hydrogen - policy and regulatory framework, technology, projects
  • Offshore Energy Strategies
  • Optimising Decarbonisation through Sector Coupling
  • Responsible renewable energy
  • Strategies for Enabling Flexibility
  • The heating & cooling challenge
  • The Net Zero Industrial Act 
  • Trends in decentralised generation
  • and more.

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