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Stand: 7.2.B120-2
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  • Grid Infrastructures - Electricity
  • Digitalisation
  • Energy Efficiency

PINAZO is a Spanish company that began its activity in the late 1960s, and since then, the company has evolved by adapting to market changes. Nowadays, we specialize in manufacturing both metal and polyester enclosures, housing internal assemblies and solutions for electrical, gas, and water equipment, custom designed for companies, under current regulations and high-quality standards.

Within our extensive product portfolio, our activities also include the design, manufacturing, and assembly of both polyester and metal solutions for public lighting control centers, electrical panels, temporary construction boards, protection equipment, electrical measurement and distribution for different power companies, as well as metal carpentry solutions and enclosure machining.

Furthermore, PINAZO has pursued a policy aimed at diversifying its activities by developing products that have allowed us to be present in sectors such as water, gas, renewable energy, and telecommunications.

As a result of our efforts to meet the innovation demands of power companies, PINAZO designs and manufactures protection and control equipment, communication electronics, and quality supply measurement. We offer advanced monitoring systems and automated three-pole bases, positioning ourselves as one of the key leaders in the development of the new generation of equipment for power distribution.

Our daily commitment to improvement, offering quality products, and providing the best service to our customers has allowed us to achieve this evolution. However, PINAZO would not have achieved any of this without the trust of its clients, suppliers, and other collaborators. Hence, our gratitude to all of them.

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