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Stand: 7.2.A110
    Type of Organisation :
  • Software Provider
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  • Grid Infrastructures - Electricity
  • Digitalisation
  • Energy Efficiency

If you should know one thing from Odit-e:

LV network are in the heart of the energy transition, they have not been designed for it and it will cost billion euros to upgrade.

Odit-e has developed a breakthrough innovation, using Artificial Intelligence to digitize electricity distribution networks taking benefits of data provided by the huge investments already realized for 250 million smart meters rollout. This is a true game changer.

This unique value proposition has been field codeveloped with major DSOs and field tested within 7 European projects.

We have joined the Sagemcom team to scale the solutions to millions of meters and really impact the energy transition.


The problem we are solving

While transmission networks are closely monitored, low voltage networks have almost no supervision tools, leading to many uncertainties. In addition, they account for nearly 50% of the operating costs of distribution networks.

In the meantime, low voltage electrical networks are expected to cope with new energy transition challenges, such as the use of photovoltaics, self-consumption or the emergence of EV charging stations. With electrical networks not being designed to support those new consumption and production habits, this will inevitably generate further issues.

A better understanding of low voltage networks is therefore essential to plan investments differently and support the energy transition. According to EDSO the Repower-EU ambitions will cost 400 b€ at EU level.


Our unique proposition

At Odit-e, we have developed expertise in modelling and digitizing low voltage networks.

Rather than using theoretical and therefore approximate information, we collect real data from smart meters. We then process this data using artificial intelligence models based on proper laws of physics.

This innovation describes the grids’ properties and how they behave extremely accurately, through what we call a matrix of impedances. A result of six years’ research and development, this matrix aims at improving the management of low voltage networks.

Typically, it helps to increase photovoltaic electricity production in a given region by exploiting the grid’s real capacity. By identifying infrastructures under constraints, the matrix enables optimal operation planning through predictive maintenance, thus limiting outages and avoiding unnecessary repairs.

In-depth knowledge of the network also helps locate and quantify energy losses to quickly fix them. Such savings can then be reinvested into assets to promote the energy transition and low-carbon energies.

During more than 20 pilot projects the benefits of the solutions have been demonstrated. They represent between 4 and 20 € per meter, 12 kg of Co²eq, and 18 months in DER project time. They are already more than 250 million smart meters installed in the EU.


Traction and pilot projects

The effectiveness of the solution has been validated through various PoC & pilots reaching TRL6-7 thanks to partnerships with acknowledged DSOs among which Enel (Italy), E-Redes (Portugal), Enedis, SICAE & GreenAlp (France), Sonabel (Burkina Faso), Kenya Power (Kenya), Tanesco (Tanzania) Elektro Gorenjska (Slovenia), or ORES and RESA (Belgium).

The innovative and essential character of our solution has been recognized by the “best startup award” received at the CIRED conference in 2019 and was also labelled as one on the “1000 solutions” by the Solar Impulse Foundation in 2020.

Digitization being the missing brick for reliable access to energy and large scale deployment of renewables, Odit-e is currently involved in 7 EU projects consortium, offering a field to test and mature our innovations: IElectrix, GIFT, BD4OPEM, LEAP-RE, Energica, Omega-X and ODEON.

Impact and Goto market

Always driven by the ambition to bring the most innovative solutions to more and convinced by the complementarity of our metering data analysis solutions with Sagemcom's Siconia software suite platform, we are delighted to announce that we are joining the Sagemcom Energy & Telecom group. 

What will we be doing / showcasing at the event: Automatic Correction and Completion of GIS ; Network analysis of the low voltage network ; Rebalancing of the low voltage network ; Capacity map and simulation of PV integration
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