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I. Redefining with aluminum instead of copper, named copper aluminum eutectic array

Copper is widely used in various industries due to its excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity, and ductility, especially in industries such as transmission and distribution, power electrical, new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, aerospace, military and national defense, rail transit, ocean shipping, telecommunications, home appliances, and construction. However, due to the lack of global copper resources and the abundance of aluminum resources that have the closest performance to copper, the concept of "replacing copper with aluminum" was proposed after the 1960s

The copper aluminum composite material combines the excellent conductivity of copper with the outstanding lightweight characteristics and cost advantages of aluminum, making it the globally recognized best choice for "replacing copper with aluminum". The research on copper aluminum composite materials has been carried out earlier abroad. In the 1970s, Copewell Company in the United States invented the cladding welding method, and in the 1980s, Bruker in the UK developed the hydrostatic extrusion process. However, whether it is the copper aluminum welding process or the copper aluminum composite process, its product quality is always difficult to meet the standards for using pure copper, and the process that can meet the standards for using pure copper cannot achieve mass production

With the rapid takeoff of the Chinese economy, the demand for copper materials in the domestic market continues to grow. Since 2005, China has become the world's largest copper consumer for 18 consecutive years. According to statistics, more than 82% of copper in China relies on imports, accounting for half of the global import volume each year. However, even so, China still lacks copper every year. In the "100 Results of China Geological Survey" compiled by the China Geological Survey in 2016, copper ore is listed as one of the major and urgently needed minerals in China, and copper is indispensable for the production of certain components or products. Therefore, it is necessary to cherish the use of copper. Copper aluminum composite materials can save about 80% of copper compared to pure copper. To produce high-quality copper aluminum composite materials and effectively do a good job of "replacing copper with aluminum", there is a long way to go

China's research and development of copper aluminum composite materials was relatively late. The existing traditional aluminum alloy plate and strip products have low technical barriers and poor peel strength, which cannot replace copper and are widely used. How to create copper aluminum composite materials that meet the usage standards of pure copper and can be produced on a large scale has always been the direction of technology research and development for Cixi Chima Metal Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chima Metal) under our Ningbo Shenma Group

Chima Metal, a subsidiary of Ningbo Shenma Group, has advanced production equipment for aluminum plate and strip casting, annealing, cold rolling, cleaning, slitting, stamping, etc. It has formed an annual production capacity of 80000 tons of aluminum plate and strip, and is currently the largest production base for cast and rolled deep drawing aluminum round sheets in China. Its products have become high-quality substrate suppliers for cooking utensils, home appliances, and new energy vehicle enterprises such as Midea, Esda, Kodali, and BYD, Some products are exported to countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East

We have been deeply involved in the aluminum industry, grinding a sword in ten years. Since our establishment in 2014, we have been striving for progress in production and constantly exploring through experiments. Finally, in June 2023, we have created copper aluminum eutectic arrays with key indicators exceeding pure copper, and achieved mass production.

II. Breaking the "bottleneck" problem, benefiting enterprises, markets, and the country

The copper aluminum eutectic array is different from copper aluminum composite, and is not simply a copper aluminum welding. It is a new type of high-quality composite conductor material made by our team using various self-developed large-scale equipment through various processes such as melting, solid-liquid composite, annealing, and cold pressing, with copper on both sides, aluminum in the middle, or copper on one side and aluminum on one side. '. The copper aluminum eutectic array produced by our company solves the two major problems of copper aluminum composite, which are easy to oxidize and difficult to remove the oxide film, as well as the formation of intermetallic compounds (Al2Cu, Al4Cu9) between copper and aluminum at lower temperatures. The thickness of the transition layer between copper and aluminum in our company's copper aluminum composite row is only 0.38 μ m. Far lower than traditional copper clad aluminum bars, it not only achieves metallurgical bonding between copper and aluminum, but also effectively ensures the bonding strength between copper and aluminum, solving the problem of high resistivity of the transition layer. The comprehensive performance is excellent, avoiding the phenomena of gross margin, opening, and peeling that occur during bending, drilling, and punching of traditional copper clad aluminum bars

According to the testing conducted by multiple national testing companies mentioned above, as well as the " New Material Appraisal Meeting for High Performance Co interface Copper Aluminum Composite Conductor Materials and Their Preparation Methods" organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Association of Technical Experts ", the copper aluminum eutectic strip product has a current carrying capacity greater than 15% of pure copper, low resistance, low temperature rise, peel strength exceeding 10 times the national standard, good bending and stretching, and its performance is sufficient to replace copper strips.

In terms of cost control, the copper content of copper aluminum eutectic row is 20%, the density is 3.94 tons/cubic meter, and the density of pure copper is 8.96 tons/cubic meter. The price of 1 ton of pure copper bars is about 73000 yuan, which can produce 10000 products; The price of 1 ton of copper aluminum eutectic row is about 83000 yuan, which can produce 20000 products. From this, it can be concluded that using copper aluminum eutectic row instead of pure copper row can save 80% of copper usage, save 48% of cost, and reduce product weight by 55%; This material has innovation in production processes and equipment, and has been authorized with 3 invention patents and 4 utility model patents, with technology at a leading level in China.

Strategically, it has saved 80% of the country's copper consumption, with the country accounting for significant profits; Reduced usage costs by 48% for users, with users accounting for medium profits; Our company's creation and development account for a small profit;

The allowable DC current carrying capacity of pure copper of the same specification is 2100A, which is lower than 2485A of copper aluminum eutectic row

The specific testing data can refer to the complete testing report.

III. Entering the field of high-end materials and promoting industrialization at the right time

Through continuous research and innovation, we have overcome one challenge after another, independently developing and manufacturing processing equipment, and successfully creating copper aluminum eutectic arrays with independent intellectual property rights. The product performance surpasses pure copper and can truly replace pure copper in various fields

1、In terms of power transmission and distribution, it can be applied to various distribution boxes, circuit breakers in distribution cabinets, busbars in transmission and transformation transformers, conductive bars in bus ducts, etc

2、In terms of new energy generation, it can be applied to bus link components in wind power converters, reactors, reactive power compensators, combiner boxes, and other equipment

3、In terms of new energy vehicles, it can be applied to automotive battery connection strips, charging pile conductive strips, etc

4、In terms of photovoltaic, it can be applied to bus link components in equipment such as photovoltaic inverters

5、In the field of aerospace, it can be applied to aircraft power systems, electrical interconnection systems, etc

6、In terms of marine vessels, it can be applied to power control systems, integrated electrical control systems for offshore drilling platforms, etc

7、In terms of rail transit, it can be applied to copper and aluminum transfer terminals in overhead contact system, on-board grounding blocks, etc

8、In terms of large-scale electromechanical equipment, it can be applied to conductive bars in power control equipment

9、In terms of communication and telecommunications, it can be applied to conductive bars in communication rooms, data center power supply equipment, and base station power supply equipment

10、In terms of energy storage systems, it can be applied to conductive bars of energy storage inverters, battery systems, and combiner boxes

11、In terms of architecture, it can be applied to various bus cable connection bars, bus bars, bus ducts, etc

12、In terms of electrical appliances, it can be used as a conductor in many electrical appliances such as air conditioners and heaters

Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other companies are currently inspecting and testing our copper aluminum eutectic arrays

Its Broad prospects and significant significance lie in copper aluminum eutectic has broad market prospects

On the one hand, it can save scarce copper resources, reduce production costs and environmental pollution. China is a country with "more aluminum and less copper". On one hand, there is overcapacity in the aluminum industry, and on the other hand, there is a shortage of copper resources. The import dependence of copper is as high as 82%. The use of copper aluminum eutectic can effectively utilize the rich domestic aluminum resources, reduce external dependence, and improve national strategic security. However, the current market cannot meet market demand due to poor quality or low production capacity of copper clad aluminum plates and copper aluminum composite plates. Now, our Shenma Group's subsidiary, Chima Metal, has developed and produced high-quality and reliable copper aluminum eutectic bars using the most advanced technology and processes. Faced with this huge opportunity, the company has adopted large investment and mass production to produce high-quality copper aluminum eutectic bars and significantly reduce costs. This will inevitably lead to a situation of hot sales and comprehensive market promotion.

On the other hand, it can meet the needs of different industries for high-performance materials and has a large market scale. For example, in the power industry, using copper aluminum eutectic can improve transmission efficiency and safety; In the heat transfer industry, using copper aluminum eutectic can improve heat transfer efficiency and durability; In the electronics industry, using copper aluminum eutectic can improve signal transmission speed and stability. According to expert analysis and statistics, if 9 million tons of copper are consumed domestically, 6 million tons of copper can be replaced by copper aluminum eutectic. The market size of copper aluminum eutectic can reach 3.5 million tons/year, and based on the comprehensive product output value of 80000 yuan/ton, the output value of copper aluminum eutectic will reach 280 billion yuan/year

The application of copper aluminum eutectic can reverse China's long-term heavy dependence on imports of copper resources, digest excess aluminum production capacity, reduce copper consumption, and ensure the safety of copper resources; Can solve the "bottleneck" problem in the field of high-end materials, and the material performance surpasses that of foreign countries; It can promote the upgrading and development of related industries, and promote research and innovation in advanced production technologies; It can replace traditional metal materials and be widely used in fields such as new energy vehicles and aerospace, reducing overall weight, improving energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption, achieving lightweight, and helping to achieve the "dual carbon" goal; Having excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, it can be applied in fields such as electronic device heat sinks to improve product performance and efficiency; Its good corrosion resistance can enable its application in fields such as chemical and marine engineering, extending its service life and reducing maintenance costs

Overall, the application of copper aluminum eutectic is of great significance for protecting resource safety, saving resources, reducing costs, improving performance, achieving environmental protection, improving product quality, and technological innovation.



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