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Stand: 7.2.E20
    Type of Organisation :
  • Technology Supplier (Hardware)
  • Organisation Area of Focus :
  • Storage
  • Decarbonisation of Industry

The energy transition is in full swing, but are we on course for net-zero emissions by 2050? At LUMENION, we are targeting the emissions from the energy sector’s most stubborn segment, heat. More than 70 percent of industrial energy consumption globally is for process heat generation.

With LUMENION’s innovative thermal energy storage system an immediate reduction of CO2 emissions becomes possible. We make fluctuating renewable energies available for 24/7 use as process heat or for district heating, enabling reliable, cost-competitive, and zero-carbon heat supply. The basic idea of our power-to-heat technology is to shift the energy behind generation peaks out of the power grid and into the heat network – thus serving as a safety valve for the power grid. This ensures system security, maximises the use of energy generation plants, can compensate for grid bottlenecks and enables the decarbonisation of heat-driven processes. Wherever high-temperature steam is needed for industrial processes, such as in the chemical or food industry, the LUMENION storage system can be used as a quick solution for a climate-neutral energy supply.
The storage system is a key component in the rollout of renewables targets, as well as for grid stabilization. Embrace a sector-coupling approach for a successful energy transition, economically viable and available now. Let’s drive the heat transition forward today for a zero-carbon future tomorrow.

What will we be doing / showcasing at the event: We welcome you to discover our thermal energy storage technology and traverse towards reliable, zero-carbon power and heat supply.
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