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Ferranti Computer Systems, a member of the Nijkerk Group since 1994, was founded in 1976 in Antwerp, Belgium. With its flagship MECOMS 365 offering, Ferranti is delivering more than 45 years of experience in the energy and utilities markets to its customers.

MECOMS 365 is the newest, Microsoft Dynamics 365 based, solution for energy and utility companies across the globe. It is certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365, meeting Microsoft's highest software standards.

Renowned industry analysts, such as Gartner and IDC, recommend MECOMS as a major solution for energy and utility companies.

With offices and a network of certified partners across the globe, Ferranti delivers their MECOMS 365 application platform to energy and utility providers. This platform offers access to the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365; tailored to the specific needs of an energy and/or utility company.

The MECOMS 365 platform is an end-to-end business application platform covering the processes in the following domains:

' Customer Engagement (omnichannel & self-service)

' Customer Information System (contracts & billing)

' Meter Data Management (smart & manual)

' Field Service (manage your assets)

' Finance & Operations (operate your business)

MECOMS 365 combines flexibility, efficiency and smart insights to drastically cut cost-to-serve, even in a changing environment. Utility companies around the world choose the MECOMS 365 platform because it makes their business highly efficient and because it allows them unprecedented flexibility to adapt and offers them superior business insight.

What will we be doing / showcasing at the event: Visit our booth to see how you can benefit MECOMS 365.
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