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Stand: 7.2.A100a
    Type of Organisation :
  • Software Provider
  • Organisation Area of Focus :
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Decarbonisation of Industry

Energiency is an industry 4.0 technology that supports manufacturers in rapidly detecting and achieving new and sustainable energy & CO2 savings by leveraging existing data in real time with its innovative analytics, mixing human and artificial intelligence. 

The benefits: 

Identify energy saving potential in real-time 

By coupling energy & activity data, Energiency helps manufacturers save up to 15% of energy and CO2 in the first year at an ROI < 1 year. Energiency is compliant with ISO 50001. 

Identify the right energy reduction levers

The interactions in complex manufacturing processes are often difficult to capture. Energiency offers a data science approach to identify the most important actionable and non-actionable consumption levers and helps manufacturers identify the right levers. 

Make complex problems accessible with the help of AI

Energiency mixes human and artificial intelligence to identify over-consumption when it occurs. This way the operational team on site can act directly instead of waiting for the monthly energy bill.

100 % dedicated to manufacturing 

Energiency is developed by and for energy managers in a flexible manner that allows deepened energy analytics using advanced virtual meters and visualization. Our team offers the degree of energy analytics support that our clients need. 

Agnostic to the meters installed in your plant

Energiency is able to connect & combine data from all different sources.

What will we be doing / showcasing at the event: Energiency leverages HI & AI to turn raw existing industrial data into up to 15% new energy & CO2 savings within 1 year.
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