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Elsaco Solutions

Stand: 7.2.F164
    Type of Organisation :
  • Technology Supplier (Hardware)
  • Organisation Area of Focus :
  • Grid Infrastructures - Gas
  • Storage
  • Energy Efficiency

ELSACO works with energy, water, gas and heating utilities companies from 30 years.
Our main products/solutions are:

- ELSACO Smart Metering using LoRaWAN , NB-IoT , LTE-M technology 
ELSACO SOLUTIONS provide LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M modules for existing meters , so the existing mechanical meters become smart, able to automatically transmit in cloud index values and alarms.
In this way  can remotely read domestic meters: gas, water, heat or electricity.
Reading resolution is hourly or on demand.
It is a great solution for utilities distributions companies but also for their customers.
Readings from meters are available in cloud for distributions companies and for their customers (if distribution agree), in this way customers can have on smartphone consumption values and alerts in real time.

- ELSACO SAM - Smart All Meters: Remotely optically read all meters no matter if are for energy, water, gas or heat, no matter their manufacturers, no matter there are digital or analogue type. WYSIWYG from Meter to Web page using OCR technology.

- ELSACO AMCM-Inv - Autonomous Monitoring and Control Module  for the power Inverters, is a module which control and monitoring inverters, no matter inverter manufacturer.
Using ELSACO AMCM-Inv can easily integrate, command and control into a unitary solution main local power players: power generators(PV plant, ESS) + grid + power consumers. In this way users can quickly have their customized EMS with all desired functions.
For this solution users are: C&I customers, Utility-scale customers, Large industrial platforms, Microgrid.

- ELSACO ACE - Utility Billing software system. Is a powerful Web/Cloud application already in use from more than 20 years.

- ELSACO EMMSYS - System for very large number meters reading, consumption analyzes and utility network diagnoses.

- ELSACO MonitorPro – Web HMI platform. Is a powerful centralized remote monitoring and control platform  of distributed processes.
MonitorPro is an object-oriented platform, with a rich widget library for easy project design. You can write and import your own HTML widgets to empower your developer vision. It has built-in OPC server for unlimited integration with multiple communication protocols in one application.
No clients to install, update and manage, no user licensing, works with any Web browser.

For more information visit www.elsaco.com, email: sales@elsaco.com.


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