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The EU-funded BuiltHub project is defining a roadmap and vision for a durable data flow to characterise the EU building stock and support its decarbonisation. For this purpose, the project will develop an organised and inclusive data collection method in a  easy-to-access-and-use datahub platform. The web-based BuiltHub platform will ensure and support a long-lasting data flow through a benefits-based engagement strategy of potential beneficiaries and users such as data and metadata providers and simple users. The strategy will be applied through the development of value information services around data transformation and interpretation tailored to platform users.

In addition to developing the roadmap and platform, the project is concerned with fostering a Europe-wide community interested in knowledge about the EU building stock and its transition. BuiltHub is therefore going to collect aggregated data on building stock performance. To collect data of use to stakeholders and the community, and to develop useful, evolving services, BuiltHub needs to engage stakeholders to determine their needs and get their feedback on the offered products and services.

In a nutshell, BuiltHub aims to create the basis for a rapid and cost-effective building stock transformation by:

  • developing a resilient and durable data exchange platform allowing to feed in or extract data for designing more effective building sustainability and renovation policies, programmes, projects and financing schemes;
  • enabling responsible and reliant  building performance data collection and flows;
  • defining a standardised data management approach for a reliable building stock status and progress analysis​;
  • bring together relevant actors, projects,  initiatives, data holders and users, as well as other interested stakeholders and establish an active community of data users.
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