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01 May 2023

G7820-24S Aggregation and Access switch 10G/G, L2, L3, MPLS-TP/CE

Loop Telecom Stand: 7.2.F174
G7820-24S Aggregation and Access switch 10G/G, L2, L3, MPLS-TP/CE
G7820-24S Transport and Access Ethernet switch L2/L2.5/L3

G7820-S24 Fiber Aggregation MPLS-TP/CE/L3 IP and Access Switch with 10GE SFP+, GE SFP/copper/POE+ interfaces for Industries 

The G7820-S24 is a new fiber version of the G7820-Series Packet Network Transport (PTN) switch. It supports 8 GE/10GE SFP+, 24 FE/GE SFP fiber and 8 copper 10/100/1000BaseT including optional 4 POE/+ ports.
This 120Gbps powerful switch runs on Loop-OS and supports L2 Ethernet switching with VLAN/Q-in-Q, L2.5 Carrier Ethernet 2.0* with E Line, E LAN, E Tree services for local infrastructure concentration and MPLS-TP PTN protocols with VPWS, VPLS or H-VPLS for transport of IP/Ethernet, TDM PseudoWire (PW) over LSP with 1+1 or 1:1 protection and ERPS v2 for subrings. The G7820 series supports IP L3 routing direct over dedicate interfaces of split by VRF in different IP services. Loop-OS routes L3 IP Network with RIP v1/v2, OSPF, VRRP, VFR and over GE/10GE interfaces or VLAN or over MPLS-TP LSP and applies his protection and QoS.

Thanks to common Loop-OS and with its 10GE interface, the G7820 can be integrated inside large MPLS-TP networks together with hybrid nodes PTN plus SDH/SONET and 100GE backbone built with O9x00R-Series and G7800-Series.    

The G7820-S24 has been developed for industries with Fan and Fan-less versions. The G7820-Series is compliant to IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 for Power substation and EN50121-4 for railway infrastructure.

MPLS-TP usage gives advantages to Transportation and Power industries by the deployment of deterministic working/protection paths, with bidirectional LSP, with absolute QoS based on CIR/PIR 2-rates 3-color and low latency for the key industrial flows. iNET or iNMS manage their deployment with node selection as SDH approach and guarantees recovery protection less than 50ms based on OAM at interfaces, LSP or PW levels.  

G7820-24S supports optional SyncE or PTP 1588v2 for frequency and phase synchronisation and makes their distribution over its fibre ports.            

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