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28 Jun 2023

EPEX SPOT’s Localflex Dutch market connection to GOPACS completed successfully

EPEX SPOT Stand: 7.2.A117
EPEX SPOT’s Localflex Dutch market connection to GOPACS completed successfully

The connection between the EPEX local flexibility market solution (EPEX Localflex) in The Netherlands, and the GOPACS platform went live effectively on 27 June 2023. This cooperation establishes a significant milestone in the advancement of flexibility procurement, facilitating efficient congestion management and secure trading of flexible energy resources. The first transaction was completed by exchange member BCI (Brainchild Commodity Intelligence).

Especially in the context of more renewable generation in the power system, such efficient use of flexible generation can help to decrease the cost of the energy transition, also for the benefit of the European end-consumer.

EPEX SPOT is the largest power exchange active in Europe and this partnership will enhance the liquidity of the Dutch Power market. EPEX Localflex serves as a major marketplace for the trading of energy resources, allowing market participants to offer and purchase flexibility services in real-time. By connecting with GOPACS, the coordination platform to reduce congestion in the electricity grid, EPEX Localflex contributes enhanced functionalities and expands the reach of GOPACS to a wider network of participants. This successful go-live is a result of a close cooperation between both parties which has allowed to leverage synergies and expertise. The effort powered innovation is helping push the energy sector's transition towards a greener future.

"We are pleased to announce that we have achieved this important milestone in our partnership with GOPACS," said Ralph Danielski, Chief Executive Officer of EPEX SPOT. "The successful connection between GOPACS and EPEX Localflex opens up new opportunities for market participants, allowing them to physically contribute to the efficient management of the decentralized energy system. With grid congestions having become one of the central challenges to be addressed in the context of the energy transition, we propose a turn-key solution for market-based flexibility procurement."

Dennis Stufkens, Chairman of the GOPACS Foundation added, “We are delighted to have successfully established the connection between EPEX SPOT and GOPACS, following an extensive period of collaborative efforts. The integration of GOPACS with EPEX SPOT represents a significant milestone in the GOPACS strategy, enabling us to effectively address congestion bottlenecks within the Dutch electricity grid.”

The connection between EPEX Localflex and GOPACS sets the stage for increased reliability and dynamics in the local flexibility market. The overarching goal of the solution is an efficient use of demand-side flexibility for System Operators to resolve congestions on the grid.

Market participants who wish to offer flexibility via EPEX SPOT can get in touch with their key account manager or send an email to sales@epexspot.com. Market parties with flexible assets in the Netherlands that want to offer their flexible energy supply and/or demand (provided with location data) for use on GOPACS can send an e-mail to sales@gopacs.eu, contact their account manager of their Dutch grid operator, or visit www.gopacs.eu for more information.

For more information, please visit www.epexspot.com.

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