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This is your Business and Networking Platform

Swapcard is your business, networking and matchmaking platform! 

By using this platform you will be able to engage with your (potential) audience and connect with attendees before, during and after our live episodes and the event. Swapcard is the platform that can match participants, deliver qualified leads, organise meetings, and increase ROI – all powered by Artificial Intelligence technology.

Here’s what it can do for you:

  • List your company, company profile and other promotional documents/ videos
  • Filter through and reach out to attendees by using fields or keywords
  • Generate leads by interacting with other attendees in the platform
  • Host (live) chat sessions
  • Manage your own staff and their meetings
  • View analytics and lead tracking from your virtual booth (number of visitors/ contacts, bookmarks, meetings, etc.)
  • Watch live episodes of our Digital Hub Series
  • View the marketplace hosting solutions from generation to end-use

It's crucial you utilise this platform from now on and make use of all the advantages it brings your company!

Explore everything you can do in Swapcard below!

Enlit Europe Exhibitor Portal - Networking Platform Swapcard

Take Advantage And Start Today

How do I access?

As a user of this Exhibitor Portal, an Enlit Europe user has already been created for you in Swapcard, with the e-mail address linked to your Exhibitor Portal account.

If you already have a Swapcard account with this e-mail address:

Click here to log in with your personal Swapcard login details and you'll find the Enlit Europe event on your dashboard.


If you don't have a Swapcard account with this e-mail address:

Click here to create your login credentials, by typing this e-mail address in.

Click the green arrow and wait for an activation email with subject line ‘Magic sign-in link” from Click the button ‘sign in to swapcard’, create your password and click on the ‘Enlit Europe’ event you’ll see on your dashboard. And you're in!


If you want your team to access Swapcard but they don't have an account, share this page with them so they can sign up:
Meet & Network: 


Access Swapcard Now


Enlit Europe Networking Platform Swapcard Login

How can I use Swapcard?

Watch this Video Tutorial we prepared for you:


Your company information

The company information you will update via the Exhibitor Portal will be automatically available in your company profile on the Swapcard platform.

This refers to the information you update on these fields:

  • Company Description
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Social Media Channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
  • What is your core area of focus?
  • Which Best Defines Your Company/Organisation?
  • Which Online Series do you want your company to be featured on? (Hub Series Topic)

Please remember:
- the Exhibitor Portal information on these fields will always lead; if you want to change it in Swapcard, you need to change it in the Exhibitor Portal too;
while the Exhibitor Portal is under maintenance, you can only update your profile in Swapcard; if you have any questions, email us at

Enhance your Company profile

While you're in the Swapcard platform, you'll be able to make your company profile more attractive, in order to increase your chances of being found by our Swapcard community members.

For you to enhance your company profile in Swapcard, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Swapcard
  • Select the event 'Enlit Europe'
  • Enter your exhibitor centre via one of these two options - click here to view a screen shot:
    • On the homepage, on the left-hand side, you'll see a box with your company logo and the message 'Edit your company information and access to advanced features on your exhibitor area.' Click on your company logo to access your exhibitor centre
    • On the top right, you'll find a link to the Exhibitor Centre under your Profile Picture / Name


Exhibitor Centre Options - click here to view a screen shot

  • Home: where you'll find a welcome message and real time analytics about profile visits, number of bookmarks, meetings and contacts made with your company profile.


  • Company Profile: where you can add / edit additional information and features to your company profile
    • Header image or video - tip: 1200x675px image, no larger than 1MB; or upload your video on Youtube or Vimeo and paste the url on this page
    • Contact details - tip: make sure to add e-mail address and website
    • Products & Services - tip: you can add up to 10 items to your virtual booth
    • Documents - tip: instead of adding a document directly, add a link to a landing page on your website with a form to collect prospects' contact details before they can download a brochure, a whitepaper or other type of document
    • Team members - tip: if other colleagues are part of the attendees list, you can add them as part of your team and they'll be able to help you manage contact requests


  • Meetings: this is where you can manage your meeting requests from the community members.
    • tip: team members can decide who will be assigned to each meeting, so make sure your team is briefed about this; when you assign a team member to a meeting, they will receive a notification in the Swapcard platform


  • Team's Contacts (Leads): anyone who interacts with your company or your company team members (meeting requests, chat) will be added to this list as your leads; you can export them at any time to an Excel file.


  • Your Team: this is where you can manage your company's team members; their profile will be visible in your company profile and they will also have access to the Swapcard Exhibitor Centre and all its functionalities.
    • tip: if you add your colleagues as team members, don't forget to let them know what is expected of them



Start Now


Questions? E-mail us

Watch this video to find out more about retrieving your leads and your exhibitor experience in Swapcard


What networking opportunities are available in Swapcard?

Community Members click here to view a screen shot

You can browse the Community Members list and search for people by name, job title and company. You can also filter by Industry Type and Core Area of Focus to narrow down your search and find interesting profiles to connect with.

Below the filters area, on the left-hand side of the list, you will also be able to add keywords matching your interests, that will feed the matchmaking algorithm and refine the suggestions of people you should meet.

Once you've found someone you want to connect with, add them as connections and send them a message or a meeting request. After you're connected, you will also be able to have a video chat with them, during your meeting slot.


Meeting Requests

You can send meeting requests to other community members and they will be able to send meeting requests to your company. Find the person you want to send a meeting request to, click on their profile and see what are the available meeting slots to meet with them.

Make sure you keep an eye on your notifications for incoming requests.

Tip: meeting slots are only available during days when live content is streamed on the platform. Make sure to check the Calendar in Swapcard or our online calendar to plan your days and decide when you and your team should be more active!


Company Chat

Community members who visit your company profile in Swapcard can send a direct message to your company, asking questions about your products and services. click here to view a screen shot

Make sure you keep an eye on your notifications for incoming messages and decide who will be responsible to manage them in your team.


Pro Tip: we encourage everyone to access the platform during days when live content is streamed; make sure to check the Calendar in Swapcard or our online calendar to plan your days and decide when you and your team should be more active!


Video Tutorials

Watch this Video Tutorial we prepared for you:


And check out these Swapcard videos to learn a bit more about how you can use the platform:

Swapcard explained in 90 seconds

How to find sessions, speakers, exhibitors and attendees for maximum engagement.


How to network with other attendees 



How to find virtual exhibitor booths



How to find live sessions and on demand content



How to request meetings and make video calls



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