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Green leaf icon Enlit Europe sustainabilityIn an effort to minimise the environmental impact on the planet and become more sustainable, we all need to join forces and show the world that more sustainable events are possible. 

Please consider reducing your printed literature, avoiding disposable items and food waste, and recycling properly.

More on Sustainability


Click on the tab below according to your stand type for the relevant information. 

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Enlit Europe 2024 important Floor Plan and Ducts: please note that stands not located on a duct can’t take power from a duct in the aisle in front of their stand, but they will be provided with a ceiling drop. This will be provided by the venue and can be ordered in the Fiera Milano Exhibitor Services. Check the stands that require a ceiling drop on the floor plan (stands marked in red): click here.


 Click here if you're Raw Space & Pavilion Raw

If you have reserved a Raw Space & Pavilion Raw at Enlit Europe 2024, only the space rental itself is included. 

  • It is mandatory to submit specific documentation to Abraxys Global, the Health & Safety Officer of Enlit Europe 2024. 
  • Supply your Stand Plan and required documents* for inspection before the set deadlines by clicking below.
  • You are responsible for building your stand, taking into account the building regulations stipulated by the organiser together with the venue.
  • All additional items, including rigging, electricity, cleaning and carpet, must be ordered separately. 
  • If you need help with your Stand Build & Design, contact the official stand designer of Enlit Europe 2024.

Complex Stands - Deadline: 30 August 2024
Non-Complex Stands - Deadline: 13 September 2024

Upload your Stand Plan     Stand Plan Inspection Fee

*Check out the 'Upload your Stand Plan' link above and the Raw Space Rules & Regulations to know which are all the required documents, including:

If you need advice before the event, contact


If you need help with your stand design, contact the official stand designer.                                                                GESSPIRO     

GES Spiro can provide modular, custom, or hybrid design solutions and turnkey services which include project management. It means that you are free from the worries of installing the stand, and managing and dismantling it once the event is over.  GES Spiro have been delivering Exhibit designs as Spiro since 2022 & as GES since 1926.

Contact GES Spiro or at +44 (0) 330-123-2332

 Click here if you're Shell Scheme 

If you have reserved a Shell Scheme stand at Enlit Europe 2024, the elements below are included in your stand.

  • Shell scheme stand - Fasciaboard with name and booth number
  • White bilaminated panels (1 x h. 2,5 m)
  • Carpet flooring - 9 sqm - Black
  • Basic daily cleaning of stands during open daysSS

Electrical Equipment:

  • 1 LED spotlight every 3sqm
  • 1 electric outlet socket (3kW) with 4 plugs


  • 1 x Square table 
  • 2 x Chairs
  • 1 x Waste bin


Company name: The company name displayed on the Exhibitor Portal will be used for the fascia of your stand, unless agreed otherwise with the event stand builder by the set deadline.

Look & Feel: click here for pictures from past shows to check the look & feel of Shell Scheme stands.

If you have questions regarding your stand, contact

 Click here if you're Premium Stand

If you have reserved a Premium Stand at Enlit Europe 2024, click here to check the elements included in your stand.



aisle stand
(1 side open)


corner stand
(2 sides open)


front stand
(3 sides open)

Premium A Premium B Premium C

(click on the images to enlarge)


Graphics design: the graphics design of your stand must be provided by yourself and submitted to by 20 September.


 Click here if you're EU Projects: Station / Stand / New Projects Pavilion

See below what's included in your stand - per stand type - on the EU Projects Zone.


  • Structure
  • Full-colour logo on structure
  • 1x white shelf
  • 1x lockable counter
  • 1x high chair
  • 1x 32” tv-screen
  • 1x electric outlet socket (1kW)



Premium Stand (15m2)

  • Back wall
  • Carpet
  • 2x high tables
  • 2x chairs for each table
  • 1x lockable cabinet
  • 1x 42” tv-screen
  • 3x electric outlet socket (1kW)

Regular stand (12m2)

  • Back wall
  • Carpet
  • 1x high table
  • 2x chairs
  • 1x lockable cabinet
  • 1x 42” tv-screen
  • 5x electric outlet socket (1kW)



  • Project logo on the back wall
  • Shared high table and chairs
  • Shared lockable cabinet


More information on specifications and further instructions regarding graphics and/or logos will follow via e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding your stand, contact

 Click here if you're in a Pavilion

In case you're a co-exhibitor of a country Pavilion or a collective stand, contact your pavilion representative to see what's included in your stand. 

In case you are part of one of the following pavilions, the organiser of the show, Clarion Events, is the pavilion organiser and is building this pavilion together with stand builder GES:

  • US Pavilion
  • German Pavilion
  • E-Mobility Zone
  • Hydrogen/Energy Storage Zone
  • smartEn Member Zone


US Pavilion - your stand includes: 

  • General 
    • Exhibition carpet direct to hall floor 
    • Full-colour graphic panel to the back wall 
    • Full-colour graphic panel to the side wall to include the company name (w. 992mm x h. 2480mm) 
  • Furniture 
    • 1x lockable counter with graphic to the front to include the company name (w. 920mm x h. 935mm) 
    • 1x white high table  
    • 3x high chairs
  • Electrical equipment 
    • 2x spotlights 
    • 1x 1kW socket
    • 1x 32” TV screen 


German Pavilion, E-Mobility Zone, Hydrogen/Energy Storage Zone, smartEn Member Zone - your stand includes:

  • General
    • Exhibition carpet direct to hall floor 
    • Structure including full-colour graphic
    • Daily stand cleaning 
    • Company name and booth number indicated on structure or table
  • Furniture 
    • 1x Table
    • 2x Stools 
  • Electrical equipment 
    • 1x 1kW socket 


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