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Rules & Regulations - General

These Rules and Regulations are an integral part of the exhibitor experience and we would like to stress the importance of carefully reviewing the below in its entirety.*

Please note that hereinafter:

  • The Show: Enlit Europe 2024
  • Organiser or Show Management: Clarion Energy, Synergy BV, part of Clarion Events Group
  • The Venue: Fiera Milano Rho – Halls 5,6,7
  • Fiera Milano Congressi: The Management of the venue



All aisles must be clear of exhibits. Interviews, demonstrations and distribution of literature must be made inside the exhibition spaces.  

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Alcoholic beverages and/or psychedelic substances may not be brought into or consumed in the Exhibition Hall during work. Likewise, working in the Exhibition Hall while under the influence of stimulants or intoxicants of this kind is not permitted. Please note that alcohol is only allowed from 16h00 onwards during show opening hours. 

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Cats, dogs and other pets are not permitted in the Exhibition Halls, unless expressly provided otherwise in writing.

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Arrangement of exhibits

All measurements and exhibit space layouts on the floor plan are as accurate as possible, but the organiser reserves the right to make such modifications and change exhibit space assignments as may be necessary to adjust the floor plan at any time to meet the needs of Show Management, Exhibitor and the Exhibits. Exhibits shall be so arranged as not to obstruct the general view nor hide the exhibits of others. Plans for specially built displays not in accordance with these Exhibition Rules and the regulations set forth in this Exhibitor Portal must be submitted to Show Management before construction is ordered and/or begun. If Exhibitor wishes to inspect this portal before submitting the Exhibit Space Agreement form, Exhibitor has the right to do so. With or without prior inspection, Exhibitor understands that by signing the Sponsorship & Exhibition Confirmation form, Exhibitor agrees to be bound by the Exhibitor Portal, which shall form part of the Agreement. Exhibitor may request the Rules & Regulations portion of the Exhibitor Portal at any time.

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In order to arrange a plan for buses outside the venue and ensure a smooth pick-up of your party, it is necessary to inform the organiser at least 8 weeks before the show. Please submit your request latest on the 30th of August to and we will let you know whether possible as soon as possible.

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The Sponsor/Exhibitor may not cancel this Agreement in whole or in part, unless agreed in writing by the organiser. Where the organiser agrees to any cancellation in whole or in part, all fees shall remain due and payable unless otherwise agreed by the organiser.  If a Sponsor/Exhibitor attempts to unilaterally cancel this Agreement, all fees shall remain due and payable.

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If Exhibitor requests an increase of its booth space after the Agreement has become effective; Show Management will use reasonable best efforts to accommodate such request, subject to space availability, additional fee payment, and other circumstances then prevailing. If Exhibitor requests a change that leads to a net reduction of booth space from original requirements, such request shall be covered by Section Cancellations above.

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Delivery and removal during show hours

Under no circumstances will the delivery or removal of any portion of an exhibit be permitted during the show hours without permission first being secured in writing by the organiser. 

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Display of logos

Displays of logos or branding outside of exhibition stands such as light beams or projections onto bare walls or gangways are not permitted without prior written approval of the organiser.

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The use of drones or any other mobile flying objects is strictly prohibited.

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It is mutually understood and agreed that the organiser shall use proper and reasonable care to have all power services installed in time for the opening of the show. Proper and reasonable care shall be taken to prevent the interruption of power services during the exhibition. However, the organiser shall not be held responsible for late installation or interruption that may occur.

Please note that in order to comply with Italian Law, raw stand exhibitors have to request an inspection service of the electrical installations via Fiera Milano Exhibitor Services.

Please note that in most cases one stand per island will have the mains connection and switch box for the entire island. This means that the mains will be shared with other exhibitors and must be accessible at all times.

Please note that stands not located on a duct can’t take power from a duct in the aisle in front of their stand, but they will be provided with a ceiling drop. This will be provided by the venue and can be ordered in the venue webshop. Click here for the floor plan with the stands that will require a ceiling drop, marked in red.   

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Environmental sustainability 

As an exhibitor/contractor at the event we ask you to consider the impact of your participation on the environment. Please check out the Exhibitor Sustainability Guidance for Enlit Europe 2024.  

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Exhibit hours

The organiser reserves the right to change exhibit hours and/or to change the number of days or dates of the exhibition, as it may be desirable. Exhibitors shall not, during the 3-day period of the exhibition conduct or sponsor any classes, seminars, exhibits, or similar activities other than those provided for hereunder. To see the exhibit hours, click here.

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Event Organiser

The organiser of Enlit 2024 is Clarion Energy, Synergy BV, part of Clarion Events Group. Address details and contact persons can be found here. All matters not expressly covered in the Agreement are subject to the reasonable decision of the Show Management, which decision shall be final.

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Exhibitor personnel and others

Please make sure that you have experienced staff manning your stand, that are aware of the services you provide but also aware of the regulations of the show. In compliance with the Italian Law, exhibitor needs to appoint a person responsible at the stand for any queries about safety requirements. Please, fill in the name of the person in charge under the page “Build up and break down” on the Fiera Milano Exhibitor Services.

The organiser reserves the right to prohibit an exhibit or part of an exhibit, which in their judgement may detract from the character of the exhibition. Canvassing in exhibit halls or distribution of advertising matter or souvenirs by exhibitors and representatives of non-exhibiting firms is strictly forbidden. 

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Fire safety

The exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with local and national ordinances and regulations covering fire, safety and health. All exhibit equipment and materials will be reasonably located within the display and protected by safety guards and devices where necessary. Under no circumstances shall emergency exits, luminous signs, extinguishers, fire hydrants or any other fittings intended for use in an emergency be obstructed. Please make sure to check the specifications in the Health & Safety regulations - click here.

Please note that it is compulsory to have a fire extinguisher at each stand. An additional fire extinguisher is required for every added surface area of 50sqm. Fire extinguishers can be rented via Fiera Milano Exhibitor Services, failure to comply will be fined by the venue (a fire extinguisher is provided by the stand builder Fiera Milano Rho in case of Premium and Shell scheme stands).

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Food and beverages

Please note that all stand catering has to be ordered through the exclusive partner Fiera Milano Catering Services. Please note that no other catering companies are allowed on the premises nor is it allowed to bring in own food and beverages by an exhibitor to provide to their clients/visitors. An exhibitor is NOT allowed to sell food or beverages. To order food and beverages at your stand, please check out the Exhibitor Portal – My Stand – Order via Fiera Milano Exhibitor Services. Please note that alcohol is only allowed from 16h00 onwards.

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Goods transportations

The maximum weight/floor loading for goods transportation and stationary assemblies throughout the entire exhibition floor (Hall 5,6,7) is 5000 kg/sqm.

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Helium baloons

If you require helium-filled products or balloons at your stand it is obligatory to obtain prior permission from Abraxys and apply for a permit from the Authorities of Milan. We strongly suggest obtaining your permission and official permit at an early stage before the event and latest 30th August 2024. For permission to use helium on your stand please contact

Please be aware that in case of a lose helium balloon, costs for removal will apply. Contact us for further information.  

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All exhibitor displays must be completely installed within the time designated for this purpose by show organiser. The installation of air-conditioning units with warm-air condensation is prohibited inside the exhibition hall.

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For the term of the Agreement, Exhibitor shall at all times maintain insurance sufficient to cover the liabilities of Exhibitor under the Agreement. To ensure everyone is protected at our events, it is a requirement that all Exhibitors have at least £2m of Public Liability Insurance. To make sure everyone has sufficient cover to meet this requirement, we have added the Exhibitor Protection Scheme to your contract. In case the exhibitor proves that has its own Public Liability Insurance of a minimum of £2m, there is no need to apply for our Insurance scheme. The Insurance shall provide coverage for Exhibitor’s contractual obligations to defend any claim, plus the resulting damages in the event of injury, illness or damage to property caused to a third party by your or your staff. Show Management shall be added as an additional insured to such insurance. Exhibitor’s insurer shall confirm to Show Management that such insurance cannot be cancelled or changed without thirty (30) days prior written notice to Show Management. Exhibitor must be able to provide Show Management a suitable certificate verifying that the required insurance is and will remain in force for the duration of the Show. For further information and inquiries please contact directly or via +44 1732757616.

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During the show there will be open Wi-Fi available for all visitors in the exhibition halls. This network will be able to support all basic (mobile phone / emails / Enlit website) internet functionalities.

It is forbidden to use private Wireless Access Points inside the exhibition centre. When an exhibitor is actively deploying a wireless device without permission;

  • The onsite Fiera Milano Congressi technical team will not support the router or Wi-Fi connection.
  • The Organiser and Fiera Milano Congressi may ask the exhibitor to alter or shut down the Wi-Fi if this interferes with overall Wi-Fi systems.
  • The Organiser and Fiera Milano Congressi reserve the right to shut down connection, if not complied with regulations or requests.

Please be aware

Fiera Milano Congressi cannot guarantee any workings or speeds of the Wi-Fi network. There are many potential sources of interference during the show. For any critical activities we therefore advise you to use wired internet connections.

To make sure all exhibitors have a positive Wi-Fi experience, the Show Management and Fiera Milano Congressi have made a strict set of rules on the use of Wi-Fi:

  • It is prohibited to deploy your own Wi-Fi network without authorization of the organiser and Fiera Milano Congressi. All non-approved networks will be disconnected.
  • It is prohibited to generate any kind of wireless signals without approval of Fiera Milano Congressi. This includes the use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MiFi modems using 4G or Wi-Fi, beacons, radar and all other kinds of wireless signals.


For assistance please contact Fiera Milano Congressi Costumer Service at +39 02 43426133 or write to the email address: For further information and ordering of wired internet connections please check out the Exhibitor Portal – My Stand – Order via Fiera Milano Exhibitor Services.

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If required, Exhibitor needs to be able to proof ownership of product(s) in question by showing the patent/ IP registration and/or documentation etc. If Exhibitor is unable to proof this, then Show Management have the right to remove the product(s) in question from the event without any reimbursement of participation cost.

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Jurisdiction and attorney fees    

This agreement shall be governed and construed by the laws of The Netherlands. Should any legal action be commenced to resolve any dispute under the Agreement: (i) Exhibitor hereby consents to venue and jurisdiction in the state court located in Utrecht (headquarters of the organiser), and agrees that no such action may be brought in a forum not located in Utrecht; and (ii) the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of litigation expenses (including, but not limited to, deposition costs and expert witness fees and expenses), interest, and reasonable attorney fees, in addition to any other remedy obtained.

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Neither Show Management nor its agents or representatives will be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to Exhibitor or to Exhibitor’s employees, invitees, licenses, or guests, or Exhibitor’s property from any cause whatsoever. Under no circumstances shall Show Management or its agents or representatives be liable for (i) any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential loss or damage whatsoever, or (ii) any loss of profit, loss of use, loss of opportunity, or any cost or damage resulting from any such loss. Exhibitor acknowledges that the risk allocations of this Section are reasonable based on the understanding that Exhibitor shall obtain, at its own expense, adequate insurance against any such injury, loss or damage. Show Management shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations under the Agreement as a result of strikes, riots, acts of God, or any other cause beyond its control. Anyone visiting, viewing, or otherwise participating in Exhibitor’s stand or exhibit is deemed to be the invitee, license, or guest of Exhibitor, and not the invitee, licensee, or guest of Show Management. Exhibitor assumes full responsibility and liability for the actions of its agents, employees, independent contractors, or representatives, whether acting within or without the scope of their authority, and agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold the organiser, the exhibit hall, and their respective privies, harmless from and against claims resulting directly or indirectly from the actions or omissions of Exhibitor and/or Exhibitor’s agents, employees, independent contractors, or representatives whether within or without the scope of authority. There is no other agreement or warranty between Exhibitor and Show Management except as set forth in this document. This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties into which all prior understandings are merged. The rights of Show Management under the Agreement shall not be deemed waived except through a writing signed by an authorized officer of Show Management.

All cases of damage must be reported to the police, to the insurance company and to the organisers of the show without delay.  

The Exhibitor who suffers damages must go to the Costumer Service located on the exhibition floor. In the case of theft, the Exhibitor must also report the damage to the Public Safety authorities or the Carabinieri, located in the Fiera Milano Rho Service Centre, by the South Main Entrance.

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Location of Exhibition

The exhibition will be in Fiera Milano Rho, Hall 5,6,7 (Entrance East Gate). Full address as follows: S.S. del Sempione, 28, 20101 Milano, Italy.

All measurements and exhibit space layouts on the floorplan are as accurate as possible, but the organiser reserves the right to make such modifications and change exhibit space assignments as may be necessary to adjust the floor plan at any time to meet the needs of the organiser, exhibitor and the exhibits. (see Arrangement of exhibits)

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Moving pictures, sound (devices) and lighting

If moving pictures are used, the exhibitor agrees to comply with requirements for the operation of the equipment. Sound movies will be permitted if tuned to conversational level and if not objectionable to neighbouring exhibitors. If loud speakers or sound devices are used, they should be tuned to conversational level and must not be objectionable to neighbouring exhibitors. The organiser reserves the right to restrict the use of glaring lights or objectionable lighting effects.

Please note that noise lower than 80dB(A) for speech is allowed and lower than 70dB (A) for music and sound effects. In any case the organiser reserves the right to decline its use if it is seen to be outside acceptable limits.

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If Exhibitor fails to make any payment or otherwise breaches any provision of the Agreement, and fails to cure within a reasonable time (as defined in the next sentence) after Exhibitor has received written notice from Show Management specifying the breach, Show Management shall have the right to exercise (without further notice) any one or more of the following remedies at any time after such reasonable time has passed: (i) cancel the Agreement in whole or in part; (ii) evict Exhibitor from any or all of the space being rented by Exhibitor; (iii) have any of the Agreement’s violated provisions specifically enforced; and (iv) exercise any other remedy available by rule of law. By “reasonable time” is meant: (i) immediately, in the case of any breach occurring during the Show; (ii) 24 hours, in the case of any failed payment; and (iii) 5 days, in the case of any other breach. In addition, Show Management may keep any and all monies received from Exhibitor as liquidated damages, it being understood that SYNERGY’s losses and damages from Exhibitor’s breach of the Agreement are difficult to ascertain and that the agreed liquidated damages are not intended as a penalty. Upon cancellation of the Organiser may (without prejudice to any other available remedy) rent Exhibitor’s space to any other exhibitor, or use such space in any other manner, as Show Management deems necessary, in its sole discretion, without any obligation to Exhibitor.

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Side Events

Should you organise a side event, please inform the organiser in order to ensure smooth pick-up of your party. Please submit your details by latest 30th of August 2024 to Taxi stations are located at the East Entrance. For buses, please refer to the Buses section of this document.

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Exhibitor/Sponsor is prohibited from distributing literature, souvenirs, or other items from outside the boundaries of their allocated booth, unless prior written approval has been obtained from Show Management.  This prohibition includes canvassing other exhibits before, after, or during event hours. Canvassing in exhibit halls or distribution of advertising matter, souvenirs, or any other items whatsoever by anyone who is not a paid Exhibitor is strictly forbidden. Exhibitor/Sponsor is prohibited from taking photographs of other exhibits or other aspects of the show, without Show Management prior written approval.  Exhibitor/Sponsor may photograph only their own booth(s).

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Stand number

Please note that its mandatory to have your stand number displayed at your stand. For all Schell Scheme stands, the stand number is provided within the exhibition package. Please note that for all Premium and Raw space stands a sticker with stand number will be provided and arranged onsite by the Organiser.  

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Taxes and licenses

Exhibitor shall be responsible for obtaining any licenses, permits, or approvals required under local, city, or national law applicable to Exhibitor’s activity at the Show. Exhibitor shall be responsible for obtaining any tax indemnification numbers and paying all taxes, license fees, or other charges that may become due to any government authority concerning Exhibitor’s activities at the Show.

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Traffic restrictions Milan

There is no traffic ban on the roads adjacent to Fiera Milano Rho. Be aware that Milan City Centre is a restricted traffic area that prevents access and circulation for the most polluting vehicles as well as those with longer than 12 metres carrying goods. This ban operates from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 19:30, except on public holidays. This area is called Area B, but does not include Fiera Milano, located in Rho. More information can be found here.

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Trucks are allowed to enter the premises via CARGO 1 for loading/unloading around the Halls for a maximum time limit of 2 hours during build-up/dismantling. Full details on ticket purchasing can be found here. Trucks parking: during show days it is only allowed to park around the pavilions at Parcheggio Maffi 18 - Via Cardinale Pietro Maffi, 18 Milano 20157. For more information and to purchase your ticket, contact them directly at Autogrill Villoresi - Est (East - A8 Milano-Laghi) - Website | Google Maps or Autogrill Villoresi - Ovest (West - A8 Milano-Laghi) - Website | Google Maps.

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Use of music during the exhibition

It shall be the responsibility of any exhibitor wishing to play music in their display to secure any necessary music licensing agreements and fee payments with the appropriate agencies. The organiser bears no responsibility for any legal action, fines, litigation, etc., incurred by exhibitors who have not obtained said agreements and/or made said fee payments. Please note that noise lower than 70dB (A) is allowed for music and sound effects.

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Vehicles on display    

Vehicles may only be exhibited with the approval of the event organiser; please send your request to, along with the technical schedule of the vehicle. Fuel tanks of vehicles on display having combustion engines must be empty. Electric vehicles should not be charged inside the hall and the battery has to be disconnected. Please note that the vehicles have to be parked within the stand only.

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Waste disposal

During the assembly and dismantling phases, it is the obligation of the outfitting companies to remove their waste daily, removing it from the exhibition area independently or appointing its own supplier, who transports it to recovery or disposal plants, according to current legislation. Therefore, during these periods, ecological areas or bins that can be purchased directly from Fiera Milano are not available. With reference to the Technical Regulations, it is forbidden for fitters to leave any kind of waste, both in the assigned space and in the internal and external common areas (lanes, roads, etc.). This obligation is extended to all waste materials and waste materials from assembly and dismantling work (packaging, materials used such as walls, false ceilings, floor coverings, etc.). In the event of waste being abandoned in the pavilions or inside the Exhibition Centre, Fiera Milano will apply a penalty of up to € 5,000.00 (five thousand/00), without prejudice to compensation for greater damages, also reserving the right to remove the responsible staff from the district and to proceed legally.

For the management of their waste, fitters can contact the companies authorized to manage waste, registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers, which can be consulted at Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali. For reasons of knowledge of the district and of the exhibition activities, for the management of waste during the assembly and dismantling phases, we would like to point out the following company, which has been a supplier of Fiera Milano for waste management in recent years, which also has an office inside the Service Center at room no. 28 and is reported in the Fiera Milano Exhibitor Services.

AMI SERVICE S.R.L. Centro Servizi del Quartiere Fieristico, SS 33 del Sempione n. 28 – Rho (MI) Via Traiano Marco Ulpio, 70 - 20149 Milano (MI) -Autorizzazione numero MI/054349 - +39 347.2633923 -;

In any case, the appointed company can be easily accredited and it is possible to activate the service of housing any containers/containers for the collection and transport of waste. During event days, there are specially equipped areas outside the pavilions dedicated to the separate collection of waste (separate separation rules attached). It is only possible to deposit urban waste: paper, cardboard, plastic, organic fraction and glass-cans, which Fiera Milano sends to the public collection circuit of the Municipality of Rho. The floor plan will be sent to you 1 month in advance, depending on when the active refreshment areas for the event are defined.

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Young people and compulsory identification

Young persons under the age of 16 are not allowed in the event space at any time. Everyone is obliged to produce proof of his or her identity at the request of the Organiser or Security. If the person concerned refuses, he or she may be removed from the venue.

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Fiera Milano Rho Regulations

Please make sure to read the specific regulations of the venue, Fiera Milano Rho, click here.



*Please note that all these rules are subject to change


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