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Invite my clients

Invite your clients to join you in Paris and track who has registered via your Invitation link.

Make sure you share the invitation link with your team, so they can invite their network to join your company* in Paris.


♦ Invite your network

You can invite your network using your custom Invitation link.  

This link will allow your guests to register for a Free Visitor Pass or for a Summit pass with a 25% discount. 

Share this link with your colleagues, on social media, on your email communications, etc., and promote your participation at the event!

How to get your Invitation link: 

  • Access your Registration Hub
  • Go to 'Invite your Network'
  • Copy your Invitation link or send an invitation directly from the hub

Enlit Europe 2023 Exhibitor invitations

How to use your Invitation link:

  • Use the email invitation tool on the Registration Hub to send a custom email to your contacts directly from the platform.

  • You can also copy the invitation link to include in your email communications to your contacts, your social media posts or other communications promoting your presence at the event.

  • Additionally, if you are using printed collateral, you can use the QR code available on the Registration Hub to lead people to your invitation form.



♦Unlimited invitations

You and your colleagues can send an unlimited number of invitations.

Tip: use our promotional banners and hyperlink them to your custom Invitation link. Go to 'Promotion & Media' under 'Marketing & Promotion' on this Exhibitor Portal to download the banners and check out other available promotion materials.



♦ Track your invitations

Your custom invitation link allows you to track who registered via your invite, so you can follow up with them and schedule meetings during the event. Once someone you have invited accepts the invitation and registers, or someone uses your invitation link to register, you will see their email address on the Registration Hub.

Please note that, due to GDPR:

  • we can only share the e-mail address of the people who registered via your invitation link;
  • we are only allowed to share the e-mail addresses of those who agreed to share their details with you.

How to track your invitations:

  • Access your Registration Hub
  • Go to 'Invite your Network'
  • Check out the section "Sent invites"

Enlit Europe Exhibitor invites tracking



♦ Why should you invite your clients?

  • Invite your clients before your competitor does: avoid others walking away with the credits.
  • Control your clients' schedules beforehand and make sure visiting your booth is high on their list: don't wait until the event and expect leads all to come to you. 
  • The buzz on the exhibition floor, the energy at your stand & the vibe during the drinks, all contribute to your prospect's decision-making process: it will turn leads into deals.
  • Connect to former customers: the gesture of having them there might remind them again of your good cooperation in the past & possibilities for the future.
  • Boost the relationship you have with your present customers: a small investment in your current relationship can result in solid long-term business.
  • Catch up with your partners: use the knowledge networking and buzz onsite on where new business opportunities are waiting for you.


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Sponsors & Partners

Platinum Partners

  • Kraken Technologies
  • Siemens AG


Gold Partner

  • Kaluza

Silver Partners

  • Capgemini
  • Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH
  • Trilliant Networks

Utility Partners

  • Enedis
  • RTE



  • Bergen Engines AS
  • Driivz
  • Hiven Energy
  • Engie Laborelec SA/NV
  • PRIME Alliance
  • ProEnergy Services
  • Meters and More
  • Thales


Industry Partners

  • ANIE Federazione
  • ANIMA Confindustria
  • Avere
  • CHARGE Energy Branding
  • CO2 Value
  • COGEN Europe
  • currENT
  • dena
  • DERlab
  • E.DSO
  • EASE
  • Elettricità Futura
  • Energia Media
  • ETN
  • Eurelectric
  • Eurogas
  • Euroheat & Power
  • European Biogas Association
  • European Energy Retailers (EER)
  • Flow Batteries Europe
  • Generazione Distribuita (Distributed Generation)
  • Hydrogen Europe
  • IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
  • IPPF
  • Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (LE2C)
  • OSGP
  • Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE SpA
  • SmartEn
  • Start Up Energy Transition (SET)
  • T&D Europe
  • VDMA
  • VGBE Energy