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Smart Grounding System(Digital Lightning Warning System ) Supplier and Wholesaler

Sichuan Sunlight Intelligent Electric Equipment Co., Ltd Stand: 5.A82

Product Details(Features/Advantages)

Digital Lightning Warning System is a miniature tool used to monitor, predict and warn lightning. It is designed to help user to take precautions in time to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

The current meteorological system uses radar and satellites to provide long-term and large-scale areas lightning forecasts, while there is no means to accurately predict thunderstorms in small areas&in short term. Since this kind of local thunderstorm has great harm to various main industries, Digital Lightning Warning System is a device that can monitor regional thunderstorm within small areas and in a short term, providing timely and accurate local lightning warning and proactively prevent lightning disasters!


Main Features of Smart Grounding(Digital Lightning Warning System)

1.Split type design: the control terminal is placed indoors while the sensor is in the outdoor, both are with easy installation.

2.Multiple scenarios: Supports stand-alone and networking, applicable to various scenarios

3.Optimized warning algorithm: reduces the interference of abnormal data and false alarms & repeated alarms.

4.Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring of lightning data (atmospheric electric field value), frequency: 1min/time

5.Three levels warning:Red, orange, and yellow three-color lights will be generated on the screen, together with horns to provide warning prompts.

6.Data export: just One-click historical data can be exported, including electric field data (can be saved over3 years), lightning alert data (including level, occurrence time, peak value)

7.Alarm cancellation convenience: just One button,the Audible and visual alarm prompts can be turned off manually

8.Self against lightning design: double protection—Lightning rod (removable) and the device itself is grounding, to avoid any risks caused by lightning strikes

Product Installation Guidence

During the installation the following must be avoided:

1. Avoid Various smoke or objects that can produce smoke;

2. Avoid Under high-voltage lines or close to Metal structures or mast structures;

3. Avoid Chain-link fences and sharp metals;

4. Too close to leafy woods;

5. Avoid External air conditioning pipes, ventilator, and air conditioning chilled water towers

The electric field intensity lines will change when the equipment is installed on the top of a building or near a building, so it is necessary to avoid installing at the roots of objects with a certain height (trees, buildings, towers, etc.)

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