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20 Jul 2023

Power of the Many

2Tokens Stand: 7.2.D30

By tokenizing energy, we aim to empower local stakeholders through the financing and managing of community-owned solar parks. We envision a decentralized energy system in which people are empowered as prosumers in Energy Communities. Our solution increases solar uptake while cutting consumers’ bills, lowering energy
poverty, and increasing energy security and independence as a side effect. Investments via Energy Communities lowers NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) behavior, supports inclusion, avoids larger inequalities caused by the energy transition, and improves their skills. This puts the control of electricity generation back in the hands of the many by making citizens active participants in the energy transition. Energy Communities also enable citizens who cannot install rooftop solar - because of multi-dwelling buildings, monuments, or other restrictions - to enjoy the benefits of (co)owning solar energy installations.

Fractional Ownership of solar parks envisions the creation of an ecosystem in which solar panels belonging to a solar park are tokenized and owned by multiple investors. These tokens are initially offered by the asset manager

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