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16 Nov 2023

New Training Course : Introduction to Virtualization & IEC61850 Digital Substation with SEAPATH

Savoir-faire Linux Stand: 7.3.A50


This training program focuses on the importance of virtualization and digital substations in modernizing the energy sector. Participants will learn about the challenges and benefits of digitalization, the stages of digitalization in the energy industry, and the key technologies involved. The program also covers the significance of standardization (IEC61850) in virtualizing substations and the advantages of IT/OT convergence.

The speakers include experts from RTE-International and Savoir-faire Linux who will provide valuable insights and expertise in digital substation engineering.

The training will take place February 19, 20 and 21, 2024 ONSITE at RTE-international, Courbevoie, France.

Day 1

Context of virtualization and digital substations

  • Introduction to digital transformation in the energy sector
  • Current challenges and issues in the energy industry
  • Importance of virtualization and digital substations in modernizing
  • electrical infrastructure

Gradual response to digitalization

  • Different stages of digitalization in the energy sector
  • Advantages and benefits of digitalization for substation operations
  • Key technologies of digitalization: SAMU, automation, real-time communication, etc.

Day 2

Standardization of digital substations

  • Importance of standards in virtualizing substations
  • Main standards used in digital substations
  • Advantages of standardization for system interoperability and efficiency

Virtualization, IT/OT convergence and deployment
of the SEAPATH solution

  • Concepts of virtualization and IT/OT convergence
  • Advantages of virtualization for substation management and control
  • Challenges and best practices of IT/OT convergence in digital substations
  • Introduction to the SEAPATH solution and its benefits for digital substations
  • Understanding the components and requirements for deploying SEAPATH

Day 3

Configuration of a virtualized digital substation

  • Step-by-step guide to configuring and installing a digital twin for a specific substation
  • Testing and validation of the digital twin in a production environment
  • Practical demo and Best practices



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