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01 Mar 2023

A guide to widescale deployment of smart grids

Think Smart Grids Stand: 7.2.A113a

Smart grids will play a central role in this transition. Relying on digital technologies, they improve the operation and resilience of electricity grids, speed up the connection of renewable energies at the lowest cost, and offer new services to consumers, such as optimizing their electricity consumption or consuming their own electricity production (known as "self-consumption"). In a report published in September 2022, the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that investment in smart grids must at least double between now and 2030 in order to achieve "net zero emissions" by 2050.

Local authorities have a major role to play in accelerating the rollout of smart grids, not only as regional planners, but also as channels of communication, information and awareness for both citizens and companies.

The Think Smartgrids Territories and Innovation Commission conducted a series of interviews to present 10 smart grids use cases, with examples of successful, replicable projects and recommendations from project leaders. Projects focus on electricity consumption and bill optimization, renewable energy integration, individual and collective self-consumption, smart public lighting, valorization of energy data, deployment of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles and multi-energy solutions. All types of territories are represented, from major cities to rural areas. 

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