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15 Sep 2023

EV charger parts, solar components, smart meter parts, power relay, latching relay

IVY METERING Stand: 7.3.D151

IM-SP401A is a single pole normally open small high capacity 40A PCB Circuit Board Relay, low temperature rise, low consumption, 1000A 10ms/three times short-time over-current, and competitive price advantage. 

IM-NE801A is a 32A 40A Two-pole PCB power relay. main features as follow: Continuous Current: 40A; with Contact Form:2A; High Dielectric Strength 4000VAC; Low Temperature Rise; Sealed Structure to Resist Harsh Environment; UL/TUV Certified, IEC61810-1 Compliant. 

IM601 32A/40A/60A & IM901 90A Magnetic Latching Relay  :Meet to IEC62055-31-2005—UC2 UC3...



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