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18 Oct 2023

eSIM Manager for IoT Devices

IDEMIA Stand: 7.2.B30

IDEMIA is prepared to facilitate the deployment of new eSIM IoT use cases. It consists of: › eIM: eSIM IoT Remote Manager for secure remote Profile State Management operations on a single IoT device or a fleet of IoT devices.

› SM-DP+: Subscription Manager-Data Preparation+, which secures data preparation, storage, and remote download of the MNO eSIM profile onto the eUICC.

Added-value features: › Just-in-Time profile generation enhanced profile management features such as profile ordering, dynamic profile generation, and adaptation. Orchestration layer: manage eSIM M2M (SGP. 01 & 02) and eSIM IoT (SGP.31 & 32) orchestration and integration facilitation. IDEMIA also offers an eUICC for new IoT use cases. IDEMIA provides eUICC for both IPAe (IoT Profile Assistant on eUICC) and IPAd (IPA on device) configurations. When the IPA is located on a eUICC (IPAe), then we also offer a polling applet

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