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Copper Bonded Steel Earth Rod( both IEC and UL Listed)

Sichuan Sunlight Intelligent Electric Equipment Co., Ltd Stand: 5.A82

Technical parameter of copper bonded steel earth/grounding rod(IEC,UL listed)

1.Tensile strength:350-770Mpa(for vertical grounding);290-510MPa(for horizontal grounding)

2.Copper thickness: 0.254mm-0.8mm(customized available)

3. Plasticity of copper layer: When the product is bent at 90° for three times continuously, there's no crack in the inner and outer edge copper layer.

4. Copper layer bondability

When the product is placed between the clamp or the vise jaws, the spacing is smaller than the diameter of the sample steel core(W=d-0.1), hammer the end of the sample, cut off enough copper layer, fully expose the steel core, the exfoliated copper layer is allowed at the jaws of vise, however, the remaining part of rod, exfoliated copper and steel is not allowed to be visible to the naked eye.

5. Electrical-corrosion performance

Simulated fault current releasing, after the electrical-corrosion cycle test, the final resistance value growth rate does not exceed 50% of the initial resistance value, Morever, the resistance growth rate of each test step does not exceed 15% during the testing process, And the surface of the copper bonded steel sample is completed, without cracks, pits, bubbling defects after the test.

Performance testing and matching requirements

In terms of copper bonded steel product application technology, by analyzing IEEE837, IEC62561-2, UL467 and other standards, Sunlight experimental center is equipped with test equipments for all testing, including mechanical testing ,electrical testing, corrosion testing ,ect., for product development and production quality control.

Lead Time

Within 15 workdays


After-sale Service(within 24hrs)

Any product quality problems occurs, our salesman and technical&product engineer will response within 24hrs

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