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14 Nov 2023

CEJW Hot Water Electrode Boiler

A.E.P. Thermal Inc. Stand: 7.3.A50

A.E.P. Thermal offers hot water boilers based on proven designs for building complexes, commercial structures, and light industry. This boiler can be connected directly to the high-voltage power distribution network.

Any voltage up to 20 KV, 3 phases, 3 wires, and centerline grounded line.

  • Capacity range: 2500 to 68,000 KW

  • Electric Power Supply Voltage: 4160 to 25000 V

  • Maximum Operating Temperature for Standard Models: 180 °C (360 ° F)

  • Operating pressure: 3 to 14.5 bar (50 to 200 psi)

  • Power Feeds (Current Passage) assembled and certified for 42000 V and 16 bar (230 psi) for any operating voltage

  • Fast Response: 0 to 100 % capacity in:
    Hot State: 1 minute
    Cold to Hot state: 15 to 25 minutes (depends on the size)

  • Economical even for capacities between 2 to 6 MW

  • Simple controls

  • Can be added to existing systems and is suitable for optional water storage facilities

  • Ability to take advantage of low off-peak electricity rates and demand swings

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