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How do we start the hydrogen domino effect?

With a $300 billion proposed investment in global hydrogen projects and governments around the world recognising the potential benefits and developing policies to help drive adoption, momentum around Hydrogen initiatives is increasing.

After its official launch in Milan 2021, in partnership with Hydrogen Europe, the Hydrogen Zone will continue to expand in Paris.

Enlit Europe Hydrogen Zone

At the Hydrogen Zone you will learn about:

  • How to deliver a green hydrogen strategy
  • Strategies for bringing hydrogen into the mainstream
  • How clean hydrogen targets can be met
  • How to build capacity, develop markets and achieve favourable policy & regulation
  • Where is the potential for cross-sector collaboration?
  • Who are the game-changers and enablers?
  • The most progressive companies operating in the hydrogen space
  • A roadmap of ground-breaking projects enabling hydrogen adoption


Hydrogen Zone in Milan Enlit Europe

Hydrogen Zone Exhibitors


Who will you meet

  • Consultant Engineering Hydrogen Developer 
  • Director of Advanced Technologies

  • Head of Asset Development

  • Head of Hydrogen
  • Head of Hydrogen Business Unit
  • Head of Hydrogen Engineering
  • Head of Hydrogen Initiatives
  • Head of Innovation

  • Head of Regulatory and External Affairs

  • Hydrogen Engineering Manager

  • Hydrogen Platform Manager
  • Hydrogen Product Leader
  • Hydrogen Product Manager
  • Hydrogen Systems Specialist
  • Intelligence and Development Hydrogen
  • Policy Advisor, Hydrogen
  • Product Owner for the High Hydrogen Program
  • Project Engineer Green Hydrogen
  • Project Manager and Hydrogen Technologist
  • Senior Strategic Marketing Manager Energy Transition  Hydrogen, CCUS, Geothermal and Energy Storage Turbomachinery and Process
  • Senior Vice-President for Green Hydrogen

  • VP of Hydrogen Initiatives

  • Hydrogen Product Manager


5 initiatives accelerating Hydrogen in Europe

Learn about the hydrogen fast track in Germany, the Spanish renewable hydrogen initiative, how the UK is investing in network innovation and more - download the infographic and stay in the know on what's happening around Europe!

Download Infographic

Hydrogen Infographic Enlit Europe

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