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Paddy Young, Director, Enlit Europe

EU Projects Zone in Frankfurt

The EU Projects Zone in Frankfurt will showcase the research and findings of projects undertaken in Europe focusing on the energy transition. With the multiple tools and channels available, projects will be able to create a high-profile presence before and during the show within the Enlit Europe community, including a presence at the Exhibition and / or involvement in the Programme. 

Are you involved in an EU-funded project? Get in touch with Linda Görtler-Weiss for more information.

EU Projects centre stage at Enlit Europe

The shift towards a low carbon economy - especially via the deployment of renewable sources of energy and the decentralisation of energy generation – calls for a fundamental transformation of the global economy. And accelerating decarbonisation around the globe is the big challenge of the net-zero pledge.

It’s therefore fundamental to invest in the correct people and projects that can help us get there. From storage and grid infrastructure to electric vehicles and data management, those much-needed solutions to our collective energy problems come from the constant research and innovation which various European projects bring to the table, funded by the European Commission and / or various energy companies in Europe.

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From Energy Projects of Common Interest (PCIs) to the Bridge Initiatives and Horizon projects, those supported by Directorate Generals other than the ENER one (Connect, Innovation, etc.), not to mention those that are privately supported or owned by utilities such as Italgas, Tennet and E.ON, and companies like Microsoft, AWS and Oracle, there are hundreds of European projects working towards a low carbon economy.

We at Enlit, working with the European Commission for the 5th consecutive year, are excited to give a platform to these EU and privately funded projects. The platform includes a database of hundreds of projects, a weekly podcast series, in-depth articles where we dig a bit deeper into individual projects, as well as quarterly webinars with a more strategic vision.

Stay tuned for what’s to come and follow the European projects at Enlit Europe and Enlit.Word!