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Energia Media

Energia Media since 2013 has been creating development projects for individual companies, associations and institutions, for territories and urban areas, working in close collaboration with Utilities, central and local PAs, Industries and Research Institutes.

Energia Media, Brand Leader in the development of projects in favor of the territories, has built over the years the Smart Land Italy model, whose mission is to support PA, Utilities, Businesses and Cultural Associations in the definition of strategic plans and in the implementation of infrastructures, services and innovative processes in urban and extra-urban areas.

Energia Media pursues concrete and measurable objectives, through integrated networking, information and training actions created ad hoc through targeted paths.

Among the projects of Energy Media:

  • Water Utility Network - At the heart of the industrial policy of the water sector
  • Smart Land Italy - Model and development strategies for territories and metropolitan areas
  • Smart Utility Open Meter - Innovation and digitization for networks, infrastructures, districts and buildings
  • Smart City & SmartItaly Goal - Enea ES-PA project. Data platforms, tools and services for urban and super-urban areas
  • Cyber Security Energy & Utility - Training and information for the cyber security of critical infrastructures
  • Energy & Efficiency 4.0 - Energy efficiency and business 4.0 for industry, services and smart buildings
  • Agrinnovation - Tradition, vocation, technologies and processes to enhance biodiversity and Italian agriculture