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The Guide

Fortnightly round-up of what’s hot and happening in the energy sector

Ed’s Note

If the energy transition is a race, then it’s a marathon. However, all marathon runners frequently need to produce a burst of acceleration... and right now in Europe, we desperately need a surge of pace. Not necessarily because the European energy transition is slowing, but rather because some competitors have suddenly made up ground - and others will also follow suit.

If Europe wants to keep pace - and it’s not about ‘winning’, it’s just about staying in the race - then it needs to apply a formula to all decarbonisation and electrification initiatives: speed, scale, and cost.

Kelvin Ross, Editor-in-Chief

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Round-up of news, articles, interviews and podcasts about the latest developments on EU Projects, brought to you by Enlit Europe & Enlit World

Ed's Note

There are currently over 15.000 EU-funded energy projects in various levels of development, while the EU Commission has approved billions of euros in funding to accelerate the energy transition. Even for those immersed in the EU energy landscape, the energy projects ecosystem can be at times difficult to navigate.

And this is where the EU Projects Zone comes in. Tailor-made for all of you, the valued members and friends of Enlit who participate in one way or another in the energy sector and wish to learn more about or get involved with the EU-funded energy projects.

Areti Ntaradimou, Brussels Editor at Enlit Europe


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Energy Transitions Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast about people and projects accelerating the energy transition in Europe and beyond.

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