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On the frontline - collaboration in times of crisis

Successful collaboration can come in many shapes and forms. And when the stakes are getting higher and higher, radical collaboration can be what it takes to move faster.

Such as Ethereum, announcing recently that the blockchain network which is inherently based on a form of collaboration, has shifted from ‘proof of work’ to ‘proof of stake’ reducing power consumption by more than 99%.

The money in Ethereum cryptocurrency is currently worth 200 billion dollars. The use of Ethereum for blockchain projects and as a popular cryptocurrency is expected to continue or even increase. This money is, with this shift, secured by a new consensus mechanism with a similar effect and less than 1% of energy consumption. Energy that can now be repurposed, redistributed, and most importantly, saved.

Chapter three of Enlit’s Our purpose Connects Us stories zooms in on five examples of powerful collaboration in times of crisis.


Enlit hosted a webinar with DTEK recently to mobilise the global energy community for help in restoring and deploying power to Ukrainian citizens. During the live transmission, DTEK executives Ruslan Volynets and Oleksiy Povolotskiy provided a candid overview of the status of the country’s electricity system amid the war.

We are in the frontline. Not in the military army but in the energy army. Our employees are risking their lives on a daily basis to provide electricity to the end users,” says Ruslan Volynets, Director of Customer Relations / Representative at DTEK Grids and Board of Directors in E.DSO, Vice-Chairperson of the Energy Community ECDSO-E Coordination Group.

Ruslan Volynets, DTEK, Enlit Europe Our Purpose Connects Us Oleksiy Povolotskiy, DTEK, Enlit Europe Our Purpose Connects Us

Despite the very dramatic situation, both executives highlighted with optimism that, with the support of Europe’s energy community, Ukraine will be able to rebuild faster and in the most efficient way.

With your help, we will be able to not only restore our lives but rebuild our energy system,” said Oleksiy Povolotskiy, Corporate Governance and Compliance Director at DTEK.

E.DSO, the association gathering the leading DSOs in the European Union, has put several actions in place to support DTEK Grids in its gigantic effort to keep the lights on. DTEK, Ukraine’s leading private energy company, continues to supply free power to hospitals, the military and bread makers in several regions since the start of the invasion. As well as restoring power, electricity companies are maintaining supplies across the country.

 “Collaboration in times of crisis means shifting from discussion to execution – this implies clear visions, shared efforts and complicity,” says Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary-General at E.DSO.

Maxim Timchenko, DTEK, Enlit Europe Our Purpose Connects Us Roberto Zangrandi, E.DSO, Enlit Europe Our Purpose Connects Us




A space for public-private collaboration has been created in the Basque Countries to boost the use of AI for prediction and optimisation for energy sector companies. The main focus of the current work of the BAIC is on the short and medium-term needs of mainly the energy sector companies in the Basque country.

The initiative also aims to attract AI talent into the energy sector. Laka says that there are two important angles: sustainability for a generation that has grown up with the concept and the technical challenges that it offers.






MAds Nipper TweetØrsted has recently announced a partnership with Lincolnshire and Yorkshire Wildlife Trusts in the UK to help restore the biodiversity around the Humber large tidal estuary on the east coast of Northern England.

The project will invest more than GBP2.5 million ($3.1 million) to restore parts of the Humber and will result in the planting of three hectares of salt marsh and four hectares of seagrass, as well as the creation of a biogenic reef through the introduction of half a million native oysters.

When we at Ørsted say ‘Biodiversity positive by 2030’, action starts NOW - not in 2030!” - Mads Nipper, Group CEO at Ørsted.





Rebuilding for a better future is what the energy industry is aiming to achieve. Amidst all of the challenges, the energy sector is facing, it must also keep a laser focus on achieving the climate goals. With a look in the future, another great example of purposeful collaborations are energy communities.
Marine Cornelis Enlit Europe Our Purpose Connects UsTurn anger into action. We can all, at our level, act for the greater good.” Marine Cornelis, Founder & Executive Director at Next Energy Consumer

Individual contributions – however small they may seem - can result in great communal positive impact. The energy sector can benefit greatly from consumers becoming prosumers, generating and even trading energy. Amongst other benefits, energy communities can significantly accelerate renewables, positively impact energy markets and increase energy efficiency.

Marine Cornelis, passionate about energy justice and EU Climate Pact Ambassador, is a huge advocate for energy communities and speaks about the responsibility that every individual has in contributing to achieving a fast and just energy transition: “The planet doesn’t need a handful of impeccable climate heroes. It needs more humans doing their share”.



A joint Romania-Hungary smart grid, The Carpathian Modernised Energy Network (CARMEN) smart grid project is up for funding from the Connecting Europe Facility programme. The project is eligible as one of the European Commission’s ‘projects of common interest’ (PCI).

Project CARMEN, with a value of approximately €120 million ($119 million) over the period 2023-2026, is aimed at the development of a smart grid with the modernisation and digitalisation of the transmission and distribution networks to improve the network operation efficiency and service quality and enable secure electricity flows from new renewable generation.

Together with our partners, we are completing another important stage in the development of this strategic project for our companies, but also for the Romanian energy system,” says Volker Raffel, CEO of E.ON Romania.




Things must change and happen differently from now on. Collaboration that is re-imagined, wilful and purpose-focused bridges the shift towards dealing with current issues and solving the climate crisis.

Join us at Enlit Europe this November and meet with DTEK representatives, Roberto Zangrandi, Marine Cornelis and many more to share ideas and get to work to increase our impact in delivering clean, affordable and reliable energy for all.

At Enlit we are breaking down the silos and bringing industries together. Join industry thought leaders at Enlit Europe this November and discover how, through successful cross-sector collaborations, Europe can speed up the energy transition and achieve energy security.

Let’s meet up in Frankfurt and build on the future of energy together.



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